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Version 2 of our Microsoft Points Generator has finally been released. You should be able to see that we’ve added several new features and a new design to our generator. We have given it a completely new look and a new way to select how many codes you want to generate. Version 2 is much faster at generating Microsoft Points cards even though you can now generate more then one at a time. You and friends can now enjoy generating free microsoft points. You can redeem the codes from the Microsoft Points Generator on the Xbox website. The Microsoft Points go straight into your account.

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Last Updated and Working on: July 10, 2013

Why Are We Sharing Microsoft Points Generator?

We have to pay $500 for the machine, we have to pay $70+ for games, and now we have to pay for codes? are you joking me? I am not a greedy guy, gaming companies are ridicously rich and we just want to play! So after speaking with my friend, I decided to create this site and make the bot public so everyone can enjoy it, just clilck on the download button and you can start enjoying your Microsoft Points Generator right Now!

Our Working Microsoft Points Generator:

Will This Be Safe For Your Account?

Definitely yes, because the codes generated are authentic. Xbox Account will have no idea that the code you entered was generated; they’ll think you bought it! All code free microsoft points.

Instructions Microsoft Points Generator

  1. Download.
  2. Run The-Microsoft-Points-Generatorv2.0.exe.
  3. Select the amount required.
  4. Click generate.
  5. You’ve got your working code!

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